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  • Corn Oil is a rich source of energy, Vitamin E and polyunsaturated fatty acids. It is easy to digest and helps regulate blood cholesterol.
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  • Coconut oil is the latest food cure-all. It is a health food that can help cure everything from poor immune function, heart disease, thyroid disease to obesity.
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  • Beat high blood pressure
    with beetroot
    Research shows that drinking 500ml of beetroot juice dramatically reduces blood pressure in one hour’s time.
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  • Hug your stress away
    A study shows that hugging your partner for 20 seconds could lower blood pressure and reduce levels of the stress hormone cortisol.
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  • Go bananas over potassium
    Potassium-rich diet makes you less prone to high blood pressure. To increase your potassium intake include bananas, cantaloupe, and oranges in your diet.
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  • Avocados for dry skin
    Avocados for dry skin. Avocados are rich in monounsaturated fats and Vitamin E, both of which promote healthy skin. So, beat dry skin with avocados in salads, sandwiches and smoothies.
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  • Queasy Stomach?
    Try this quick acupressure trick
    Use your index and middle fingers to press down on the groove between the tendons that run from the base of your palm to your wrist.
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  • Fighting belly fat?
    Avoid artificial sweeteners
    Sugary snacks and other refined carbs cause fat to settle in your midsection. Choose whole grains, beans, and vegetables instead.
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  • Cranberries prevent UTI
    Cranberries keep bacteria from sticking to the walls of the urinary tract that helps prevent UTIs. Drink unsweetened cranberry juice diluted with water regularly.
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  • Use a spoon instead of a peeler
    for peeling ginger.
    It scrapes off the skin easily and reduces wastage.
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  • Keep your onions in
    the refrigerator.
    A chilled onion is easier to chop, and causes fewer tears
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  • Always keep dough covered with a moist cloth to avoid a dry crust from forming on it
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  • Never refrigerate
    tomatoes and citrus fruits
    Refrigeration kills their flavors, nutrients, and textures
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  • Knock on a watermelon
    before buying it
    If it sounds hollow, its ripe. If it doesn't sound hollow, it's unripe.
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  • Squeeze lemon juice over half-eaten fruits and prevent them from rotting or turning brown.
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  • Soak almonds in hot water for 20 minutes to remove their skins easily.
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  • Keep milk fresher for longer by adding a dash of salt into the carton right after opening it for the first time.
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  • To prevent potatoes from budding, place them in a bag with apples.
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