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Cooking is an art, an expression of love and a union of all emotions. Just like a ‘thali’ brings together different tastes in one platter, a good meal brings the family closer. At Ashwin, we believe, that a meal shared is love multiplied. And to add a delectable flavour to this expression of love, we bring to your kitchens a wide range of pure, refined edible oils.

Ashwin Vanaspati’s foundation of making life more flavourful was laid in 1944. Since then, we have been committed to quality and an undying pursuit to provide pure and healthy edible oils to consumers and industries alike.

We are among the pioneers of manufacturing, marketing and distribution of Hydrogenated Refined Oils. We are also the largest manufacturer of corn oil in India.

Today, Ashwin Vanaspati is a household name for refined oils such as maize oil, and coconut oil. This has been possible because of our consistent efforts in Research & Development, Quality Control, Production and Diversification.

At Ashwin Vanaspati, customers’ requirement and product quality are our topmost priorities. Our superior products come at an affordable price to meet both, the consumer and industry demand. Sincere efforts and clear perspectives of our promoters and the dynamism and experience of our team lay a strong foundation of our success.
To provide high quality edible oils to consumers, foods, pharmaceuticals and other industries, ensuring that complete food safety standards are followed for all our edible oils. To provide exceptional quality refined oils at fair price - using only quality ingredients; and thereby achieve fair profit that will further allow us to contribute to the community we serve.

To become leading producers of Refined Corn Oil in the country and to diversify in the healthier oils and specialty fats.

We strive to achieve this through :
Excellent Brands
Creating a culture of continuous improvement
Providing outstanding quality products and services to our customer
Encouraging team work
Promoting a safe operating environment
About Us
Chairman's Message
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